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85 QUESTIONS (Would You Take Your Ex Back?)
This week we have a list of 85 Questions and we use a random number generator to pick which ones we answer! We get to things like, Would you take your ex back? Do looks matter? Was your last sexual experience satisfying? Have you experienced unrequited love? And SO MANY MORE! See you next week when we give our advice on DATING!

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We have a TON of fun segments we bring each week, including:

Making A Monologue:
We improvise a monologue off off the top of our heads about this weeks topic, and we uually add some appropriate background music,.

Cooler Confessions:
We confess something to do with the theme while a little under the influence.

I'm Feeling Lucky:
We type something into Google to do with this weeks topic and hit the "Im Feeling Lucky" button.

Whats Pissing us Off This Week:
This one is pretty self explanatory.

And we play tons of games like Would You Rather, 2 Truths and a Lie etc.
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