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We are 2 friends, one gay and one straight, inviting you into our living room each week as we talk about dating, love, sex and more!

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Ep35: PRIDE (Too Much Weed, Not Enough Dick!)
This week, we're recapping our experiences at PRIDE 2018 in Vancouver! Including the pride parade, falling in love with Justin Trudeau, getting WAY TOO EFFING HIGH and drunk, chugging warm alcohol in parking lots, and the fact that TRIXIE MATTEL FROM JARRED! We also touch on the side effects and body image issues that come with pride, and play a quiz to find out how gay we are!

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We have a TON of fun segments we bring each week, including:

Making A Monologue:
We improvise a monologue off off the top of our heads about this weeks topic, and we uually add some appropriate background music.

Cooler Confessions:
We confess something to do with the theme while a little under the influence.

We tell a hilarious hookup story from our past...or our present?

Complaining Corner:
You get the deal. We complain.

Dont Even Get Me Started:
We RANT about a random topic. Rantdom? Can that be a word?
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