Jay and Tay are 2 actors who met in theatre school, and since they are always talking, they thought, maybe they should record it!

Jarred Stephen Meek (Jay)
One half of Jay & Tay, Jarred Stephen Meek is 23 years old, and is a Vancouver Based actor currently studying at Studio 58, Langara College. In his limited spare time he loves to sing, make videos, and of course, PODCAST! A member of the LGBTQ+ Community, Jarred identifies as a Cis Gay man, and loves to advocate on behalf of those with underheard voices.

Taylor Long (Tay)
Taylor Long, the second half of Jay and Tay, is 22 years young and is also a Vancouver actor studying at Studio 58, Langara College. When she's not acting, or co-hosting The Jay & Tay Show, she is working on her developing web series "Birdie & Bee" with her sister, Madison. Tay is passionate about storytelling and providing platforms for other people to have their stories heard as well.

How We Met:
Jay & Tay met in theatre school where they spent endless mornings surviving off coffee, and endless nights slurping up noodles. After long days and nights blabbering on headsets together  backstage of '42nd Street',  they thought, hey, maybe we should have our own show! So they initially created "Noodles & Coffee" in November 2017, and in January 2018, rebranded  the podcast to "The Jay & Tay Show". Now, spending more time than ever together, they can credit this podcast as the past to their "best friend-ship".